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Post by The Cosmos Tue Dec 01, 2020 5:30 pm

Alpha... beta... gamma.

What is Enigma?

This is a new generation Role Play forum that will take you to all sorts of surprising, bloody, beautiful and not so much situations that will be guided by the account of The Cosmos or other Game Masters accounts. You will be the main characters in the whole scenario and you will be the people who will have to decide the fate of their characters. Please be vigilant and careful, because what you choose will lead you further in the game. There are no wrong moves, but there are certainly no right ones. Thinking a few steps ahead should be your most important asset in this game.

Who can play the game?

Anyone with a basic knowledge of English can play.

Isn't that very suffocating?

Be patient.
In the beginning, you may have to follow a path where you have to choose one of several options we offer you, but this thing will change at some point as quickly as your awakening on the space station.

Ah, yes, where am I ?!

The action in Season One takes place on a space station that hovers calmly around the Earth. How you got here, what you are here for - no one knows and can tell you about the moment. The idea is to have mystery and surprises. The staff of "Enigma" will try to diversify your steps and actions all the time and at some point the surprising development of your character will put you in situations where you have to decide for yourself what to do.

Like what?!

For example, imagine waking up in a tub full of blood - you are the person who will decide what to do. Through the glass next to the tub, you see the rotation of the Earth and realize that you are actually in space. The Cosmos will guide you with options such as - "Option A - Exit the room and enter the other or Option B - Stay in the bathroom and look in the cabinets for something you can defend yourself with." In case you choose option B - write a RP post with your waking up and opening the cabinets. From then on, The Cosmos will turn on again, and when you open the cabinets, you will receive valuable accessories that, for example, would help you in the future in the game. If you choose Option A - you will go out, for example, in the next room, in a tidy bedroom with beautiful green flowers everywhere and you will get other options.

But, do I have a choice?

Of course. You always make the elections at your discretion. How long you will be late - you decide. Expect a lot of non-game characters, including from The Cosmos, who will help or hinder you. Don't worry, at some point you will have to decide for yourself how to continue your journey without the intervention of The Cosmos.


Once you create a base character, you will be assigned to one of all the rooms on the space station, through which you will begin to get to know the situation.


There is no deadline.
The game is created in such a way that it depends on you how long you will develop your character. You can stay in the room for five months real and we will always invent situations for you. When you have the opportunity to write - you decide. We know what the situation is at the moment for all of us and we try to adhere to these standards - work, study, personal life, and in no way would we want the game to be a burden to you. No one will rush you to write on time - the development of your character depends solely on you and your abilities.

The character?

If you still do not understand what we require of you - this is name, surname, age, faceclaim, appearance, character, history. Please note that you, as a real person, are aware of the story of your character, but he is not. It is important for us to know the story of your character so that we can use parts of your story in our game, for example you have a sister - we can easily include her as a non-game character if there is no one to play her.

Cosmos Points?!

This is a new feature in the game.
I guess you haven't even heard of them yet. Don't worry, all in good time. First let's create your character.

We are always available for help, just send us a personal message to this account.

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