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Post by The Cosmos Tue Dec 01, 2020 4:05 pm

Falling Stars
Wake up.

You need to do it.
Come on!
Right now... you have to do it! You don't have time!

And you wake up... just staying... and wonder where are you. You even don't know what are you, what's happening, why are you here and how get in here. Your mind does not fit it and your head begins to explode with each passing minute. You see the Earth through the window, is this a hologram ?! What is this room ?!

But breathe...
Breathe, damn it! Breathe for you ... for your children, if you have any at all. For your husband, for your wife. Don't give in to the tension right now! BREATHE! Find a way to come to your senses and understand where you come from... do it! For you... for the future... for him. For the future of all mankind!
It's time to rise!


Welcome to the New World

Or something like that, if we can call it that ... you wake up in a library full of books and a view of the Earth? Where the hell are you then ?! How can you even breathe if you are in space ?! Are you in space at all or is everything a hologram ??? You wake up in a room full of flowers and grass ... or in a bathtub full of blood or one filled with foam and the scent of berries. Many questions, no answers. You don't remember who you are, you don't even remember your history, what you worked for, where you were, did you have any children, are you married, where are your memories, for God...

What's happening?!

This forum will take you to new heights of the Roleplay game, dear players. You will be subjected to all choices for the development of your character and you will be the one who will decide what is best for them. Lean back comfortably in your chair and immerse yourself in the "Enigma" mystery we provide.

What can I do here anyway ?!

Dear players, all we want from you is to create your character according to your criteria - character, appearance, Faceclaim, age, and a very small part of your story - it is important for us to understand who you are (you can be anything, lawyer, doctor, police officer, teenager, superhero, etc.) and what family relationships you have - sisters, brothers, mother, father. You don't even know if you will meet someone and if you will remember them at all. Just what we want you to do in the beginning is the only thing. After that, your character will undergo such changes as you choose for him and you have to think a few steps ahead, because it will be bloody, mysterious and terrifying. I know that you, with a cup of tea (or wine ;d) at the moment, would make the right choice and we will let you. Just ... breathe! And get in the adventure.
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